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Update 0.46

Official announcements about Tribal Hero

Update 0.46

by giulianob » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:30 pm

Chat has now been moved around and is resizable. Fixed basement removal issue among other small improvements. We now have some moderators: RCraft, Zechnophobe, Release, YodadaJew, SkotchTape, XGMike. If you submitted an application but did not become a mod, don't worry. As the community grows we will need more mods.

  • Town Center Level 4 can now remove structures. We found a lot of players who dug themselves into a hole and did not yet have a level 6 Foundry.
  • Fixed basement not being removable by the user.
  • Fixed basement description not showing it protects iron at high level.
  • Rearranged map and chat.
  • Made chat resizable by dragging the corners.
  • Added city selector to city overview window. Was requested by Rcraft to help manage multiple cities.
  • Fixed chat not showing spam message when you get spam blocked.
  • Added tooltip in attack dialog telling users about holding SHIFT to move units in batches. This trick works anywhere you can move units around.
  • Made minimap have the same level of transparency as the chat.
  • Any battle reports over 2 weeks will soon be removed. Forum posts that have no activity for over a few weeks and older messages will also be removed. If you really want to preserve something, I recommend taking screenshots or writing things down. Hopefully someday we will allow you to export the data.
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