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Official announcements about Tribal Hero


by giulianob » Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:22 pm

With less than 6 weeks before we announce the winners, we'd like to announce what awards players will be receiving.

There will be 4 different tiers of achievements: Gold, silver, bronze, and honorary.
Each achievement you earn will be displayed in a new achievement case in your profile that anyone can see.
For players who receive a gold, silver, or bronze achievement: your name will receive a distinguishable icon displaying the highest tier of achievement you have earned. There will be even better icons for those who receive multiple achievements.

Top tribes in the Victory Point category
#1 Place: All members will receive a golden achievement.
#2 Place: All members will receive a silver achievement.
#3 Place: All members will receive a bronze achievement.
#4-10 Places: All members will receive an honorary achievement.
Your achievement will also include: your tribe name, the category, and the date.

Top players in each ranking category
#1 Place: Receive a golden achievement.
#2 Place: Receive a silver achievement.
#3-10 Places: Receive a bronze achievement.
#10-50 Places: Receive an honorary achievement.

All players who have over 100 influence points will receive an honorary Beta Participant badge

Achievements will persist with your account as you join new worlds in Tribal Hero.

Edit: We'll also be giving out award based on most expensive city since there are a lot of people building up IP by creating training grounds and we want to show who had the most expensive cities as well. People who have donated will also receive achievements. Shoot us a message through the feedback if you have donated in the past and we'll get you an achievement for the reset.
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