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Server Reset Info

Official announcements about Tribal Hero

Server Reset Info

by giulianob » Fri May 10, 2013 5:31 pm

The reset will be occurring at midnight on 5/11. The official ranking are up. Check this post for more information.

  • Achievements have been given out to everyone who earned one. Congrats! Official rankings are on the wiki: You can view your achievements in your profile and also gold/silver/bronze will show up in chat!
  • You will be able to have your friends start near you. In order for this to work, you will need to give your friend your invitation code and your player name. This code can be found by going to your profile (click the menu on the top-left of the screen and Profile). Your friend will be able to choose to start near you when they are creating their initial city. They will be randomly placed within 250 tiles from your main city. If there is no more space, they will not be able to play near you. We are now leaving some space open between cities to help accommodate invitations.
  • Stronghold VP has been tweaked. The Victory Point given per stronghold will now increase as the server ages. This should help tribes who form a bit later in the game have a better chance at still winning the world.
  • Stronghold gates/morale/upkeep have been changed. We are changing things up a bit by making strongholds easier to take over. However, the gate HP will now increase at a rate faster than the VP. You can view the new values in the Stronghold Mechanics Document
  • This is not ready for the reset but will be coming in the next few weeks: Ability to have troops transferred in one Stronghold transfer to another Stronghold without returning home first. This should make it a bit easier to defend strongholds.
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